by Wax Children

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released January 4, 2014

Mr. Wall - Vocals & Rhythm guitar
Cal Jones - Lead guitar
Loodah - Bass
Fieldhouse - Drums

All lyrics written by Mr. Wall, Cal Jones, & Fieldhouse
All songs written, produced & recorded by Wax Children
Album art by Sean Norvet



all rights reserved


Wax Children Los Angeles, California

“Coming in at Number 29 on KSPC’s Radio 200 playlist is Safe Hands from the L.A.-based Wax Children.The experimental garage group’s sound features a vast, psychedelic sonic landscape full of fuzz and reverb, but not without the occasional burst of noise-rock power and soothing melodies. A little surf rock in the guitar and clear 60s influences round out the foursome’s sound.”-Carrie Brothers, CMJ ... more

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Track Name: Aeons pt. 1
Aeons x4
Track Name: Wild Gloom
Nightfall has surfaced
The dream states a circus,
Come now,
Leave all your friends
so that we can pretend we're here now,
Close your eyes
Float with me,
Give me now your love,

But it's just a dream
A heavy low,
With a distant sun,

Into the morning
The wet winds a'roaring
Sleep now,
For when you awake to the life that you've made
Look not down,
Open eyes
Float with me,
I give you now, my love,

But it's just a dream,
Heavy lights,
Distant sun.

We are the ones in fall to bloom,
We are the ones for winter to melt,
We are the ones in spring to hold,
We are the ones for summer to gloom.
Track Name: Binding the Bends
How are you, my friend?
So good to see your face again.
We'd love for you to stay a while
Come on, now show me that old smile
I'm yours

I wanted to tell you long ago
It's something you really ought to know
I've decorated all your time
in hearts feeding on a piece of mind
I'm yours

And now we come to a close
I'm off to somewhere no one goes
I wish you all the best
My most beloved friend
Alright, Lates
Track Name: Rene's House
Had a nice bath I wonder
Sooner than later they'll call
Knocking on the door from the inside
Help me out with this

Waiting outside for the sunrise
Message she left, I read
"Pucker up, son. Who's laughing now?"
Help me out with this
Yes, Help me out with this

And I wandered around there for days
Always questioned solutions, delayed
Aww we're done for..
Track Name: Eyes of Chongo
These eyes aren't mine
These eyes are yours
Track Name: Skin
I saw you there
Beyond repair
You touched my skin
Beloved friend

We can't compare
What isn't fair
You touched their skin
Beloved end
Track Name: Awkward Strumming
Awkward Strumming,
Always Doubting,
Fucked up Sometimes,
Aren't you something?

So I Paint a Portrait,
Of a Blue Eyed Wrecked War-Ship,
All my feelings in there,
Of Blue Eyed Decadency.

Your Love undying,
As the tears that you are crying,
Oh where have we gone now?
No I will never know.

Awkward Silence,
Can't Stand Shouting,
Fucked up Somehow,
It's Inviting.
Track Name: Aeons pt. 2
Aeons x6